Idyle Software is now surfing on the Digital River

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Starting on May 15th, 1998, Idyle Software will be using Digital River’s services. DR (Digital River) is the biggest software reseller and has agreements with more than 150 third-party resellers.

Digital River’s services include reliable and secure web servers, which translates into fast and efficient software purchases.

Idyle Software has thus signed a contract with DR, in order to efficiently sell all of their software (as of now, Agenda 98, Desks At Will, GimmIP, Phone Book 97, Phone Book PRO 97, Tasks Manager 98 and Tray Minimizer).

Digital River only sells thru the internet, all major credit cards being accepted. The response time is way quicker than what it used to be. All other orders (phone, e-mail, postal mail) will still be handled by Kagi.

For more information, you can contact Idyle Software’s sales department by e-mail at

Idyle Software may be reached by e-mail at : or on Idyle Software’s web site at Digital River may be reached on their web site at :

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Comments (3)

  • Richard Farkas


    Is Phone Book Pro 97 available from you? Is there a version that will run on Windows 7?




  • Damien


    Hi Richard. Yes, Phone Book Pro 97 was distributed by Idyle in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The company shutdown its activities in 2004 though and the software hasn’t been distributed since then. It is no longer available.

    Thanks for the interest though. Were you a user from the early days? If you don’t mind me asking, what led you to search for the product so many years later?


  • Damien


    If anyone else is wondering what happened to Richard. We had a quick chat, and he ended up just copying the Phone Book Pro 97 folder from his Windows XP’s “Program Files” onto his Windows 7’s, recreated a new shortcut from PhoneBookPro97.exe and that was it. The software works on Windows 7, even though the installer fails. Pretty cool for a 18-year old software! (PB was created in 1996)


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