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Blast from the past

These softwares were being commercialized between 1996 and 2003. They are no longer for sale, or being distributed.

  • Agenda 98
    No need to remember all these things to do, appointments and other tasks. Let your virtual secretary take care of it for you. >>
    Phone Book Pro 97
    Store all your contacts, family, friends in one easy to use PIM. Print your address book and take it with you everywhere you go. >>
  • Bandwidth Monitor
    Bandwidth Monitor is a 32-bit software that monitors a network interface (modem, cable, adsl, lan network card) for the current speed, and measures the quantity of information uploaded from and downloaded to your computer. >>
    Gimme IP
    Always have your current IP a click away. See the state of the connection to remote sites. Includes finger, ping, traceroute, nameserver lookup tools and multi-purpose graphical sensors. >>
    Host Monitor
    Host Monitor is a freeware tool used to monitor remote machines or computers. Features two types of check: ICMP Ping and TCP Connect. Host Monitor has full screen and file logging capabilities, as well as events that trigger when specific circumstances occur. >>
    Internet ToolBox
    Internet ToolBox is a complete array of internet-related tools mounted on an easy to use interface. Features include: Connections Watcher, Network Adapters details, Winsock information, Domain Name check, DNS query (MX, PTR and A), Finger, Host Monitor, Time Synchronization, IP Scan, Name Server lookup, Ping, Port Scan, Trace Route, Whois, Finger/Ident/Time servers, Multi-Purpose Sensors, and a fully customizable interface. >>
    Network LED
    Network Activity Indicators and Meters for your Phone, ISDN, Cable, DSL Modem and Ethernet Card! >>
  • CPU Load
    Monitor your CPU usage. Freeware. >>
    Desks At Will
    Ever wished you had several large computer screens on your desktop? Take at look at this award winning virtual desktop manager. >>
    Tasks Manager 98
    Track your CPU and memory usage. Get control over the running processes and threads. Terminate the non responding applications to avoid system crashes. >>
    Tray Minimizer
    Minimize any application to the system tray.. effortlessly ! >>
    See how long your computer has been running. Freeware. >>