Bandwidth Monitor

Monitor your bandwidth usage and internet speed.

Bandwidth Monitor, by Idyle Software, is a 32-bit software for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Professional, that monitors a network interface (modem, cable, adsl, lan network card) for the current speed, and measures the quantity of information uploaded from and downloaded to your computer.

Unique Advantages and Benefits!

Using the bandwidth monitoring, you can easily learn how much traffic you have sent and received, and thus avoid expensive overcharges from ISPs that limit their customers on their monthly bandwidth allowance! By using several types of events, Bandwidth Monitor will notify you when your bandwidth usage has reached a critical level.

The real time speed indicator, available both as a numeric display, a graph vs. time, and a tray icon indicator, lets you know at what speed data is transferred. Now you will know if that download, email retrieval or web page loading really aborted or froze, or is going on full speed.

Bandwidth Monitor also assists you in detecting possible intrusions. That upload meter is indicating activity on your connection, but you are doing nothing? Maybe someone is connected to your computer and downloading vital information from your hard disk?


  • Pentium 75 or higher;
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional;
  • 8 MB of RAM;
  • 1.5 MB of hard disk space;


  • Works with all major network interfaces : dial-up modem, ISDN, Cable Modem, DSL Modem and Ethernet Cards.
  • Keeps records on bandwidth usage. Now you will know how much you have transferred in a given period : invaluable tool for use with ISP’s which limit your monthly bandwidth allowance.
  • Automatic periodic reset of the bandwidth usage : have the software reset your bandwidth statistics each month on a give day, stay in sync with your ISP’s logs.
  • Displays, in real-time, the current speed (upload, download and total) of your network interface.
  • A time-Graph lets you see, in real-time, the current usage or speed of the network interface.
  • Details : you can view detailed statistics, precise to the byte, of your interface’s usage, speed and more.
  • History : now you can check your usage history, day per day, month per month, year by year, as well as view graphics or full and detailed listings. Data can even be exported to comma-delimited or column text files so it can be imported in other products!
  • Events : you want to be notified when your bandwidth has reached a critical level? Bandwidth Monitor lets you show a popup window, play a sound, execute another program or even shutdown the computer.
  • Complete Tray Icon Support. Bandwidth Monitor shows an icon in the system tray for a low screen footprint usage.
  • Full and easy install and uninstall capability.
  • One program for all Windows platforms : Windows 95, Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000.
  • Bilingual ! The same software carries both english and french versions of the product.



  • Bandwidth Monitor -- Stats Mode:
    The Stats Mode of Bandwidth Monitor displays current statistics on the interface, such as Downloaded Bytes, Uploaded Bytes, and Total Bytes transmitted.


  • Bandwidth Monitor -- Stats Mode:
    The options lets the user choose one of the available color schemes.
  • Bandwidth Monitor -- Speed Mode:
    The Speed Mode of Bandwidth Monitor displays the real-time current speed (Upload speed, Download speed and Total speed) of the interface..


  • Bandwidth Monitor -- Graph Mode:
    The Graph Mode of Bandwidth Monitor displays a graphic, versus time, of one of the available statistics (Bytes Downloaded/Uploaded/Total or Speed of Download/Upload/Total).


  • Statistics Details:
    Bandwidth Monitor can show, in real-time, the current statistics of the interface.


  • Options:
    The options of Bandwidth Monitor include many details and settings.


  • ┬áTray Icon Activity Indicator:
    As an added bonus, Bandwidth Monitor uses its system tray icon as an activity indicator : much like a LED indicator for your interface.


  • System Tray LEDs:
    The LEDs light up when data is transferred in or out of your computer (Upload and Download)