Phone Book Pro 97

Looking for a useful and easy to use address book and personal information manager?

Phone Book Pro 97 is a top-rated 32-bit contact and personal information manager software for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 ou 2000.

The time for paperless offices is not yet upon us, but it is coming quick. Standard address books and phone books are not sufficient anymore – they are not adapted to today’s new technologies and they are messy.

With Phone Book Pro 97, you can keep all your contacts’ and friends’ informations in one organized, clean and efficient environment.

Advantages & Benefits

Stop losing your friends or business contacts’ addresses because that sticky note suddenly disappeared : store all your mail, e-mail, web addresses as well as phone and fax numbers in one easy to use software.

Your current, hand-written-and-not-always-so-easy-to-read address book is probably full of modifications and “add-on” pages. How about a clean, printed and easy to read address book? You definitely need a new address book solution!

Use Phone Book PRO 97 to print a credit-card sized Phone Booklet, drop it in your wallet or purse, and access all your friends’ phone numbers wherever you are!


  • Intel 486/66 or higher;
  • Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or better;
  • 8 MB of RAM;
  • 3 MB of free hard disk space;
  • Web browser required to launch websites;
  • E-Mail client required to send internet mail;
  • Modem and MS Phone Dialer required to dial phone numbers.


  • Many fields to put your data in: Last name, First name, street, town, province/state, postal code, country, telephone numbers, e-mail address, web site, comments, birthday, title, profession, attributes, company, company address, company telephones, company e-mail, company web site;
  • Import from comma-delimited file (CSV);
  • Export to Netscape Address Book, Netscape Bookmarks, Internet Explorer’s Favorites, Eudora Pro address book, Excel, text file and comma-delimited (CSV);
  • Print address books (pocket sized, franklin daily planner size, A4) as well as envelopes;
  • Preview before printing for address books;
  • Customized Search/Replace;
  • Many options for the software, and many others for each of your Phone Book files;
  • Sort methods for almost every field;
  • Quick find: click on the tab to go to the first matching entry, or right-click on the tabs to get a sorted list of all your entries;
  • Birthday checking – You won’t miss your best friend’s birthday anymore;
  • Password protection – Protect your personal data from strangers;
  • Custom fonts & colors for on-screen display;
  • An intuitive interface, with descriptions displayed on the status bar.



  • This is the main Phone Book PRO 97 interface:
    You have fields for just every information you could think of about a specific person: Last name, first name, Civic address, 6 phones (personal, fax, pager, cellular, work), E-Mail address, Web site address, Birthday, Free form comments


  • Another panel (there are three of them : Personal, Supplementary and Business) :
    On the business panel, the information is more work-oriented, that is, what company is your contact working at, where that company is, its phone numbers, general e-mail address and web site.
    There is a third panel "Supp." which lets you specify the person's title, profession, sex, and attributes (for example: family, friend, accounting department, whatever you like, they're custom!)


  • Let's now see what it looks like when you want to print or preview a Phone Book:
    You can see what a booklet looks like, what kind of information is included in that booklet, and what its dimensions are. For more control over what you print, you can even preview your booklets.


  • Phone Book Pro 97 also lets you make powerful searches:
    Searches are quite simple, you can find your entries by searching every combination of the 29 fields available. Now... no more browsing through these barely readable pages of that over-used paper address book you've got at home!






  • Idyle Phone Book 97 is a well-thought-out phone book and contact manager for Windows 95. [...] Idyle Phone Book 97 sports an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to quickly organize your contacts."  
    - ZD-Net "Idyle Phone Book 97"

    Idyle Phone Book Pro 97 is one of the tools you need if you're one of the 43 millions SOHO workers.  
    - ZD-Net "Essentials for the SOHO Crowd"

    I have a lot of personal and professional contacts and usually have their information written on scraps of paper, or else I have lots of business cards to manage. Idyle Phone Book Pro 97 is an easy to use Windows 95 or NT address book that keeps track of all that messy information.  
    - File Mine, Christopher Spera


  • If your anything like me then you probably have a desk full of post it notes, messages, and scraps of paper with phone numbers and address's all over. Total chaos and disorder, finding anything is darn near impossible. What you need to organize this hell is a good address book. The problem is that most of the PIM's out there today are just electronic versions of a regular old pen and paper PIM you might find at Staples or Office Depot. They don't really offer anything to differentiate themselves and take advantage of the medium they use. Phone Book97 on the other hand understands that the internet is becoming a big part of how many people works and integrates many nice features to let you totally organize your addresses, phone #'s, and internet information into one neat package.  
    - Slaughter House Pick of the Day 1/22/97

  • I don't know if they could have put anything else into this [...] If you're at all looking for a program to keep track of everyone & all their Information, I have yet to see a better program.  
    - Shareware Junkies, Robert Fullenwider

    Phone Book Pro 97 is an easy-to-use contact manager. It lets you keep records of business or personal addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays, plus e-mail and Web page information. Dialing, sending e-mail, and connecting to a contact's Web page are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Phone Book Pro 97 can print data in six different formats, so you can get it just the way you like it. Phone Book Pro 97 is an excellent program for everyone. . 

    - Rocket Download "Phone Book PRO 97"


  • Just a short note to say, GREAT JOB on the PHONE BOOK. This is an excellent program. 
    - Tom O'Connell

    I am impressed! This is the first time any software house has gotten backto me this fast! I do appreciate your tokens of wisdom and shall apply them ASAP!  
    - John A. Whittenton

    GREAT address book! Found it through excite's shareware page. I've looked at a few lately and your's is great due to it's shear simplicity 
    - Terry Lee Barnhill


  • I am captain of my schools Basketball team so it is my duty to call all the players and tell them about games, practice, cancelations, events etc.. So I find Phone Book 97 VERY useful. 
    - Scott Simpson

    Many thanks. I consider myself a heavy & happy user. I like the way the Phone Book embeds in my W95 setup. Modem accompaying software can be so ^*#&$% complicated, you proof that in symplicity one recognizes a real master.  
    - Frank Mulder

    I like your Phone Book '97 application, you did an excellent job ! 
    - Randy Bishop

    Just wanted to let you know that I REALLY enjoy your program. I have been using Phone book 97 all day, and I LOVE IT!!
    - Rob Devlin