Tray Minimizer

Tray Minimizer v5.03 allows you to minimize any application to the system tray, easily, and effortlessly ! Click image to view a larger screenshot

Designed for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP, Idyle Software’s Tray Minimizer is a brand new Windows user interface enhancement software that extends windows apperance and functionality, seamlessly integrating to your current setup to allow you to minimize any window/application to the system tray.

By providing a new button in the windows’ title bar, you can now easily minimize any application to the system notification (tray) area in addition to the regular Windows taskbar. No need to configure individual applications, or remember complicated keyboard shortcuts or mouse clicks, everything is done behind the scenes by Tray Minimizer so you do not have to do anything !

Using advanced techniques, Tray Minimizer will simply add a new button next to the usual Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons in the window’s caption. That is not all, Tray Minimizer will also add a new menu item to the window’s system menu so you can also minimize the window by right-clicking the Windows Taskbar’s buttons.

Tray Minimizer also fully supports Windows XP as well as XP Themes and Visual styles.

The System Tray notification area made its first appearance in Windows 95 and is located in the taskbar (near the system clock). Many users like to iconize applications that run in the background (or applications that are less frequently used) in the system tray area. Unfortunately, Windows does not include built-in support to tray-minimize any applications, and many of nowadays’ softwares still do not support this feature. Try Tray Minimizer today, and solve the Windows Taskbar clutter problems at once.


  •  Minimize and iconize any application to the system notification area (near the clock), effortlessly and without any specific pre-configuration;
  • Tray Minimizer will automatically detect when Explorer crashes and will re-display all the tray icons under its supervision;
  • Supports Windows XP’s Visual Styles (XP Themes);
  • Requires Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Me, 2000 or XP



  • When Tray Minimizer starts, it hides away in the system notification area. Tray Minimizer does all the work behind the scenes, seamlessly integrating its Windows User Interface enhancements.
    No more over-burdened and cluttered Windows Taskbar. Iconize those applications you use only once in a while instead of minimizing them.


  • While it is running in the background, Tray Minimizer adds a new button in the windows' title bar near the minimize, maximize and close buttons; as well a new item in the application's system menu. When clicked, these will allow you to minimize any kind of application to the system notification area (also called tray area) instead of the regular Windows Taskbar.


  • Did you ever think you could minimize "My Computer" in the system-tray? Now you always have access to "My Computer" without the need to minimize all open applications in order to access your desktop : just restore it from the system tray where it stays idle.. and hidden. As you can notice on all these screenshots, Tray Minimizer supports Windows XP and its new XP Themes, also known as Visual Styles !



  • Tray Minimizer makes no exception. Microsoft Outlook Express now has "Minimize to tray" item in its system menu as well as a button in its title bar. Click either of these to minimize the application to the system tray, or the regular minimize button to minimize the software to the regular Windows Taskbar.



  • Here is another example of Tray Minimizer in action : Microsoft Internet Explorer now has a "Minimize to tray" button in its title bar ! Now you can minimize that web page you wanted to access later to the system tray and unclutter your taskbar !



  • This last screenshot demonstrates how these tray-minimized applications appear in the system notification (tray) area. Instead of being usually minimized to the taskbar, they are iconized near the clock. Want more? Tray Minimizer will automatically detect when Explorer crashes. Normally, this results in all your tray icons disappearing from the system tray notification area. We know how annoying it is, so Tray Minimizer will restore all iconized windows it put there for you.






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